Det finns ingen ”sexuell läggning” eller att man ÄR sådan…

A comprehensive breakdown for the compromised mind

Sexual Orientation

Gender is an innate component of a person’s being and an essential characteristic of individual identity and purpose. Marriage is between a man and a woman for the purpose of building a nuclear family–the place where children historically and statistically fare best. Homosexuality is not just another alternative lifestyle or even a sexual ”preference;” it is unhealthy and destructive behavior which negatively impacts individual persons, families, and society. Same sex attraction is a symptom of a developmental disorder…

Myth: Research shows that there is a ”gay gene.” Homosexuality is genetic.

Reality: Homosexuality is not a genetically encoded condition. Contrary to media hype, there is no conclusive or compelling empirical evidence showing any absolute biological, genetic, or hormonal causation for homosexuality. Homosexual activist and molecular biologist Dean Hamer’s study claiming the existence of a homosexual gene has been scientifically discredited. Studies that claim to prove homosexuality is genetic have been purposefully designed from a homosexual advocacy perspective and seek to convince society that homosexuality is innate, psychologically normal, and thus socially desirable.

There may be a possibility of the existence of a genetic predisposition toward homosexuality, which is far different from causation. But even this possibility is far from scientifically proven. Predisposition toward something does not mean that it is inevitable, or that such a predisposition cannot or should not be resisted and overcome. Some people may have a predisposition to alcoholism, yet we do not affirm their disposition, but rather treat their condition and help them change. Current evidence suggests that environmental, familial, and personal influences contribute significantly to the development of homosexual tendencies. Seventy years of therapeutic counseling and case studies show a remarkable consistency concerning the origins of the homosexual impulse as an uncompleted gender identity seeking after its own sex to replace what was not fully developed in childhood. (

Although individuals who experience homosexual attractions and thoughts may not have chosen these tendencies, they do have a choice as to whether or not they will act on the feelings. It is the acting on these feelings that constitutes homosexuality. Many people have left the homosexual community and live successful heterosexual lives, which often includes marriage and raising children.

Myth: Federal and regional governments deny homosexuals basic rights by not legalizing same-sex marriage. Homosexuals should be allowed to marry.

Reality: It is not discriminatory to deny homosexuals the right to marry. Homosexuals are afforded exactly the same right as heterosexuals; they can marry one person of the opposite sex. Homosexuals enjoy full citizenship rights; they can vote, own or transfer property, name life insurance beneficiaries, and grant medical power of attorney, among other rights. Marriage has been understood and defined for centuries and throughout civilization as the union between a man and a woman, instituted for the continuance of life and to best protect and provide for children. Government and society grant benefits and protection to a man and a woman in marriage because of their biological potential to bear and effectively raise the next generation. Even childless couples or infertile couples always have the potential to procreate. Homosexual couplings always do not. If societies deviate from the standard of marriage as a child-based institution, they open the door to any kind of marriage. When homosexuals are not allowed to marry each other, they suffer no more discrimination than do bigamists, polygamists, or people who wish to marry children.

Myth: Homosexual behavior is innate. Homosexuality is ”what a person is.”

Reality: What a person does (behavior) should never be equated with what a person is. No human being can or should be reduced to his or her sexual impulses. Impulses cannot compel behavior or identities without a person’s consent. If people ”are” their actions, then what does that say about the thief, the anorexic, the prostitute, or the marathon runner? Ninety-eight percent of the population does not define their very being and purpose in life by their sexual behavior. See Fast Facts #73-83

Myth: Homosexuality is unchangeable.

Reality: Reputable studies and decades of successful treatment show that homosexual behavior can be changed. Homosexual activists claim that homosexuality is an unchangeable condition and insist that therapy does not work. They attempt to justify their claim by defining success in absolute terms stipulating that: before treatment a person must have never experienced opposite-sex attraction and never engaged in heterosexual relations. After treatment the person must be fully heterosexual in behavior and never have another same-sex thought or temptation for the rest of his/her life. This would be the equivalent of saying that no diet program works unless the person never gains back one ounce and is never tempted to overeat again.

Myth: If two people love each other, they should be allowed to marry.

Reality: We love many people that we don’t marry. If there were no restrictions on marriage and feelings were all that mattered, fathers could marry their own daughters, brothers could marry sisters, and people could marry their dog. Were there no restrictions on marriage, the possible arrangements would be endless. If marriage is based solely on one’s affections, the need for companionship, or the desire for genital stimulation, then there is no logical reason for not legalizing polygamous, incestuous or pedophilic marriages. The redefinition of marriage could reduce it to a commitment between any two individuals or entities and there are many relationships in society that would meet the new definition. A marriage license fulfills a specific purpose which is to order society into families based on marriage between a man and a woman which has proven to be the best environment in which to raise children.

Myth: What people do ”in the privacy of their own bedrooms” is not anyone else’s business.

Reality: Private behavior often has very public consequences. Statistics clearly show that homosexual behavior is destructive and bears high costs, not only to the individual, but to society. Homosexual behavior has implications far beyond the bedroom. Last year the U.S. government spent billions of dollars on AIDS treatment, research and programs. AIDS in the U.S. is largely a homosexual disease stemming from unhealthy sexual practices. There are many consensual behaviors that current laws and customs have deemed harmful because of their negative effect on society. Drug use, prostitution, rape and incest are examples of activities that happen in the ”privacy of bedrooms.”

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling (Lawrence v. Texas) decriminalizing homosexual sex has opened the door for children to be taught in public schools that homosexual sodomy is normal, healthy and the equivalent of marital sex. California has already established programs to accomplish the above. Now that homosexual sex is legal it is coming out of the bedroom and into the classroom.

Myth and Reality about Homosexuality–Sexual Orientation Section, Guide to Family Issues

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Ens kön är det man är, vilket vilket ocksä relaterar till den inbyggda naturen, ens sanna natur. ”Könskorrigering” är en absurditet, och som vanligt skapar eliten ord via orwellianskt språkbruk. Nu kan man också se hur tokiga vuxna säger om sina små barn att ”Erik”, 10 år, har kommit ut som ”Erika”… vuxna har på ett par årtionden fåtts att helt tappa sans och vett, och medvetet lämna över barnen för förstörelse. Man är ingen förälder om man har det agerandet, det är något annat man har som påtagen ond roll.

Förstörelse av människor är det, säg som det är. Agendan syftar till att förstöra, oavsett vilken entitet man talar om. Kultur, land, ras, man och kvinna, etc.

Ur Tao Te Ching av Lau-Tzu

Översättning Alf Henriksson Översättning Gordon Sandgren
Vad som är stadigt grundat, det består Det väletablerade rycks inte upp med rötterna.
Vad som är stadigt hållet, det går icke förlorat Den som har ett fast grepp tappar inte taget.
Från släkte till släkte skall fäderneoffret fortgås och icke lida avbräck Generation efter generation dyrkar förfäderna utan avbrott.
Hos den enskilde slår dygden rot, Odla Tao i dig själv och moralen kommer att vara riktig.
i familjen flödar dygden över, Odla den i familjen och moralen kommer att flöda över.
i samhället når dygden mångfald Odla den i staden och moralen kommer att vara stor.
i staten röner dygden framgång, i världen blir dygden ensamrådande Odla den i landet och moralen kommer att vara riklig
sådan familjen är skall den bedömas, Därför, titta på dig själv och observera dig.
sådan familjen är skall den bedömas, Titta på din familj och observera den
sådant samhället är skall det bedömas, Titta på din stad och observera den.
sådan staten är skall den bedömas, Titta på ditt land och observera det
sådan världen är skall den bedömas Titta på världen och observera den.
Hur vet jag att världen blir sådan? Hur vet jag att världen är som den är?
Därigenom Därigenom


Sann moral är inte moralisk
Därför har den moral.

Ytlig moral misslyckas aldrig att vara moralisk
Därför har den ingen moral.

Sann moral ”agerar” inte
Och måste vara icke-existerande för att fungera.

Ytlig moral ”agerar”
Och måste vara tydligt för att fungera.

Sann godhet ”agerar”
Men måste vara icke-existerande för att fungera.

Sann Rättvisa ”agerar”
Men måste vara tydligt för att fungera.

Sann korrekthet ”agerar” och om du inte reagerar
Kommer de att rulla upp sina ärmar och hota dig.

Därför, när Tao är försvunnen kommer moralen
När moralen är försvunnen då är godheten där

När godheten är försvunnen då är Rättvisan där
Och när Rättvisan är försvunnen då är korrektheten där.

Nu är ”korrekthet” det yttre framträdandet för trohet och ärlighet
Och början på oreda.

Av Lao Tzu



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