Perverterade har kortare liv

Här följer en längre text på engelska.

Den visar att det som vi inom oss naturligt och instinktivt upplever som motbjudande (i den rådande marxistiska agendans orwellianska nyspråk omskrivet till fobi) ger kortare livslängd. På gatan i det fria borde de överhuvudtaget inte få vara, då nedbrytningen riktas mot alla.

Dr. Paul Cameron holds a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, and his work has been published in the medical journal Omega. This is what he reported: 

For heterosexuals, the average man lives to be 73; women 77.

For homosexuals, the average AIDS caused death is 39 and non-AIDS caused death is a remarkable age 42!

For lesbians the average age of death is 44 because the rate of AIDS among lesbians is not a significant factor. Dr. William Bennet, who authored the book ”The Death of Outrage”, commented that the Clinton administration has made such a big deal about tobacco use shaving 6-7 years off one’s life, while openly supporting the gay death style that is known to shave off over 30 years from the average life span.

David Foster, a former homosexual and author, found that the rate of injury and death from domestic violence among homosexuals is at least five times that of heterosexuals, and when it comes to lesbian relationships, the rate goes right off the scale. Apparently, lesbians beat the hell out of each other, and often. He also points to a very high incidence of drug and
alcohol abuse as another strong factor in reducing the life spans of homosexuals and lesbians so drastically.

Nothing I personally witnessed falls in dispute with the above published findings, and I have over 300 dead bodies as evidence to back them.


Man ska inte låta sig luras bara för att sjuka pervos kan se normala ut. Dödsstraff borde gälla.

Now that you are aware of these facts — and they are facts indeed — how could any parent of one of these hapless, errant children join a support group like Parents And Friends of Gays And Lesbians which openly defends the gay lifestyle — and even promotes it? How could any parent encourage their child to continue a lifestyle known to lead to an early death? Why would any parent tolerate a public school that teaches their children that homosexuality and lesbianism are naturally occurring sexual orientations?

They are those who refuse to learn the truth, or worse; those who refuse to accept the truth. 

When I tell an openly gay person to seek help in order to save them from an early death, is that an act of hate? They will tell you it is. Not only are we to accept the gay lifestyle, but these individuals and groups also insist we embrace their lifestyle in our schools where it can be painted as ”normal”. Normal?

Let me ask you something: What is normal about a young man with a herniated sphincter who must wear diapers due to fecal incontinence from having submitted to so many acts of anal intercourse? I knew several young men who had that disgusting problem. What’s natural and normal about that? What’s so natural and normal about your child dying before you? What’s so natural and normal about having to get an AIDS test every three months? I don’t have to, and I’ll bet the average reader doesn’t have to either.

Perhaps I am more sensitive to this issue than most, but whenever I hear someone describe themselves as openly gay, I automatically visualize them engaged with another man in a revolting act of anal intercourse, ruining my appetite. Yet few people understand that nothing turns gay men on more than the idea you’d be both shocked and disgusted by their behavior.

You see, all the homosexual men I knew were psychological exhibitionists as well, and they were absolutely thrilled to see ”straight” people recoil at the sight of them prancing around, lisping almost every word. As bizarre as it sounds, the homosexual community wants what it knows will rob the savor from their salt. The more we ”accept” openly homosexual behavior, the more repugnant and bizarre their behavior becomes in order to garner the same level of shock and disgust. So when a gay rights supporter asks that frequently heard question, ”Would a person deliberately place themselves in a position to be hated and reviled?”, the answer is an unequivocal ”Yes, they would!”. And in fact, they do.

The fact is, the homosexual lifestyle contributes nothing of a positive nature to society. If anything, the homosexual lifestyle has proven to be destructive to it’s participants, and because of the septic nature of anal intercourse, the homosexual lifestyle has proven to quickly spread HIV as well as that most recent and perhaps even deadlier threat, Hepatitis C. The public health costs imposed by the gay community on the rest of society have been costly indeed — and no one can dispute that. And also consider this: Can you recall any invention, any life-saving vaccine or any improvement to society by any individual because he was gay? Did his ”gay-ness” contribute anything at all, or did he achieve his accomplishments in spite of it? We all know the answer.

So should we be more compassionate for these people, or should we adopt a tough love kind of response? Should we allow our young children to be taught something is normal, when we know that not even the animals will engage in it? What about when those children might be tempted to experiment with it and thus become its’ unwitting victims as well? Would any parent want their children to experience the degradation and early death I’ve described here? I hope not.

However tempted I am to end on that note, let us all refocus on the problems of society in general, and not those imposed only by the homosexual community. I’m addressing those of the ”straight” community now; those who are actively engaged in unmarried sexual relationships and adultery.

It was just reported that over 50% of all children are now born to unwed mothers. Divorce and good old fornication are proving to be the most long-term, destructive elements of behavior existent in our society today, and it is costing the taxpayers dearly for looking the other way for so long. When it gets right down to it, you have no right to take the chance of bringing an unwanted baby into this world in exchange for the fleeting pleasure of an orgasm. Fornication is just about the most selfish and self-serving act you can possibly commit, yet you’d think we were back in the early stages of the sexual revolution by the way people are conducting themselves. When you engage in a sexual liaison with someone you are not married to, and probably have no intention of marrying, you are rolling the dice on the life of any child born as a result, and you all know that, short of sterilization, no form of birth control is 100% effective.

The act of fornication is shamefully selfish and self-centered, and without any regard whatsoever to how it may effect the entire life of another innocent human being whose mother might just decide to kill it while it’s still ”legal” to do so. So, while it is important to tell the truth about homosexuality, the fact is that today’s ”straight” fornicators and adulterers are responsible for far more of society’s ills, in terms of both fiscal impact and moral decline, than the homosexual community could ever hope to achieve. 

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